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Creating Happy Parents by Showing them the Possibilities

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Jordan's Quest Inc.
Our Mission
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Our mission is to go where there is a need of a better understanding of why children do things that don't line up with a parent's expectations.

We are dedicated to meeting the parent/caregiver in their own environment and providing them with community resources that will increase their knowledge and access to services.

Our Vision
Parenting Empowerment

Prevent outbursts by stepping in early. "You look angry that it's clean up time. Would you like to take a minute to calm down? You'll feel so proud of yourself." - See more at: AcornDreams

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Moneys received from the sale of this brochure will allow us to offer free parenting class opportunities for those experiencing homelessness.
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News and Testimonials
Are You Yelling Too Much? Try This!
Angry people make noise: happy people remain silent.
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