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Creating Happy Parents by Showing them the Possibilities

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Jordan's Quest Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
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How Can We Help?

Parenting classes are offered to help individuals understand the importance of having a child that is able to bounce back from negative experiences that occur during their life time.  The classes are structured to address the needs of that particular group meeting.  There are basic parenting issues to address in each class. (for example: developmental milestones of  each age group, safety issues etc.) The majority of the time we will be answering those nagging questions most parents want to have the answers to.

  • What is the best way to discipline my child?
  • How do I advocate for my child's educational needs?
  • Where are the support groups that will address my family needs?
  • How do I set limits for my children?
  • What techniques will help me stay calm during a crisis?
  • My child has a special need. When should I seek help and where?

These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed.  We're here to meet your family needs.

If a parent is in need of locating service providers in their area, Jordan's Quest, Inc. has an extensive listing of providers whose only desire is to help you enjoy every moment you spend with your family.  These service providers specialize in answering your questions about child development, early intervention, child evaluations and other questions and or services you need.

How Are We Different?

We realize that the best place to answer your many questions about children is in your home and place of business.  We will come out to your PTA meetings, parent conference meetings, church events, child care centers and in some cases individual homes, if transportation is an issue. We realize that individuals have different ways of taking in information and because of this we often show short videos/DVDs during classes so that clients can actually see what we are talking about. Through the viewing of DVDs, parents and caregivers will find ways that work best for their situation.

After each class parents and/or caregivers will be given a folder of children resource information to take home. 

We at Jordan's Quest, Inc. are only a phone call away.  If you have a question concerning your child, call us between 9:00am and 9:00pm, Monday through Friday and we will try to get an answer to you within 48 hours.

Our Vision
Parenting Empowerment

Practice appropriate words children can use to handle a recurring conflict with another child. "If she grabs your shirt again, use a strong voice and say, 'That's bothering me! Please stop!'" - See more at: AcornDreams

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Moneys received from the sale of this brochure will allow us to offer free parenting class opportunities for those experiencing homelessness.
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