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Creating Happy Parents by Showing them the Possibilities

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Jordan's Quest Inc.
Our Brochure
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Moneys received from the sale of this brochure will allow us to offer free parenting class opportunities for those experiencing homelessness. It will also allow free parent education pre-release classes for those preparing to leave the system and return to the public.

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Contact us for more information on ordering our brochure or click the Buy Now Button to order online. Purchase price is $2.00. (please allow 4 weeks for delivery).

Our Vision
Parenting Empowerment

Talk out loud about your feelings so children can observe how you handle them. "I feel frustrated, so I'm going to take a minute of quiet-time before I say anything else." - See more at: AcornDreams

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For more information on ordering our brochure.
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News and Testimonials
Are You Yelling Too Much? Try This!
Angry people make noise: happy people remain silent.
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